I love this video by Jan Phillips – for a long time I was in a bit of a conumdrum, questioning whether me being a photographer was being self-indulgent. This video would have cleared that!


is a healing gesture

as sacred as prayer

as essential to our spirit as food to our body

It is our creative work that reveals us to ourselves

allows us to transform our experience and imagination into new forms

forms that sing back to us in the language of symbol who we are, what we are becoming, what it is we have loved and feared

This is the alchemy of creation

that as my energy fuses with a source of energy

a newness rises up in the shape of Who I Am

and I myself am altered in the course of its release

I am never the same in the wake of this work

It is our creative work that brings us to life, feeds our spirits and sees us through the dark


I come into my power and wisdom

into my deeper knowing

into that newness

which becomes the gift I share

with the world


of the time I spend at my work there is more of me to give

more awareness

more joy

more depth

I become centered in the process

focused on the interior

attuned to the inner voice